The team makes the difference: We are ConnectTech.


Behind it

Stefan Keller


Raphaël Sommer


David Eigenheer


From vision to company – the story of ConnectTech.

Our history connects: An idea initiated a product, and the story started.  We are telling you our milestones.


The ConnectTech GmbH

The ROKE and further developments have a lot of potential. With the founding of ConnectTech GmbH, we can market our products better and they establish themselves not only in the forestry-machine industry, but beyond.

The name ROKE is now known worldwide. And who knows, maybe we soon will create the …?



ROKE Maxi-Flow

In addition to our standard ROKE, we can now also offer the ROKE Maxi-Flow with the hydraulic couplings that can be plugged together under pressure.

The oil-flow rate of 130 l/min could be doubled.

The new hydraulic couplings were developed in cooperation with Cejn AB from Sweden.


MIKE 45 Felling Grapple

The next product is based on a further development of the existing Hypro-falling-grapple. Stefan Keller assigns Mitgel Brenn to develop the new product. The result is the MIKE 45.
Hence the name MIKE (Mitgel/Keller).



Sale and further development

The number of ROKEs sold is increasing rapidly. By 2020, several hundred starter sets are in use in Switzerland and throughout Europe. The production of the quick coupler is being expanded.


Introducing ROKE

At the forestry fair in Lucerne, the ROKE quick coupler is presented to the public for the first time. The first ROKE starter sets are brought to the customer and successfully used on forestry machines.


Development ROKE

The desire for a solution to be able to change different attachments for mobile cranes faster and more efficiently has been in Stefan Keller's thoughts for quite some time.

In 2014, our employee Beat Roth meticulously developed and designed the ROKE quick coupler according to his ideas. Hence the name ROKE (Roth/Keller).



The story starts