Individually operable:
one control for three functions.

The practical version for precise gripping and clean cutting.


Clean gripping ensures that the cut is made exactly where it is needed. All functions – sawing, tilting, gripping – are radio-controlled.


With precise adjustment of the gripping angle, no repositioning is necessary. All individual functions are controlled via the crane control or two pedals.


The simple operation makes the MIKE incredibly variable. The control is carried out by radio control system.

Three steps to the cut:

«My operators work even more efficiently by using the MIKE. Precise gripping and cutting requires less manipulation on the crane.»

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Swiss Quality

Better than any conventional handsaw. With the Swiss-quality guarantee, the MIKE simply performs better.

Price excl. Mwst 8.1%

CHF 26 360.–

Includes charger, second battery and double foot pedal

Technical data
Felling diameter
35 cm
Cut diameter max
45 cm
Tilt angle
Weight incl. tilting part
260 kg
Hydraulic motor of the saw
Min. operating pressure
190 bar
Max. operating pressure
250 bar
Required Flow Rate min
50 l/min
Required Flow Rate max
80 l/min

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